My name is Bláthnaid King. I am a new media and technology enthusiast, co-founder, member and contributor of the GASH Collective, part-time visual artist, musician and sometime creative writer, currently based in Ireland. I have an avid interest in technology, new media, digital marketing and all things creative. My qualifications include a BA from University College Cork, an MA from University College Cork and an ICM validated certification in Online Marketing and Digital Strategy from Griffith College Cork.

This blog was created during my time in University College Cork, studying for my MA in Digital Arts & Humanities. On this site, you can find links to assignments and projects that I participated in during the masters programme under ‘Blog’ and ‘DAH’. Under the ‘Tumblr’ section, you will be linked to my tumblr blog page, where you can find some samples of artwork and a collection of imagery that I enjoy artistically. Under the section titled ‘Online Shaming’ you will be linked to my thesis project on the phenomena of public shaming in the digital age. New updates on projects, artistic endeavors and other information will be published under the ‘Projects’ section under ‘Blog’.

~ Bláthnaid


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