Surveillance Video

This piece was inspired by the concept of ourselves living in a surveillance society, where, we may be under constant observation. I was very interested in exploring the paradox of seeing and not seeing, and I felt that I could achieve this through utilizing this concept. This video was created by accessing live-streaming footage at This website broadcasts live feeds of Axis, Panasonic, Linksys, Sony, TPLink, Foscam and a range of other network video cameras that are available online without a password. This website highlights how easy it has become to watch an unsecured network camera from anywhere in the world.


A gif of some footage I captured from

The video seeks to convey how our own ignorance to facts like this allow us to invite viewers into our lives unknown to ourselves, or sometimes, even become viewers ourselves. This video aims to convey an eerie and uncomfortable atmosphere while entertaining the idea that we might perhaps be intruding on something that is not meant to be watched.

I recorded the live streaming video using Debut Video Capture, once I had captured a satisfactory amount of footage, I then began editing the video in Adobe Priemere Pro CC.

I organized the footage into four sections of a square. Each video was chosen based on its individual aesthetic and how it fit within the overall concept. I distorted the colour of the top right and bottom left videos – giving them sickly yellow and pink hues. The goal here was to encourage the impression and atmosphere of unease. The aesthetics of this video were based in the grainy elements of VHS rips and based on glitch art; both elements of art that are popular online today.


Example 1 of VHS/glitch art


Example 2 of VHS/glitch art








Finally, I downloaded some samples of cameras zooming and clicking and looped them over a synth. This was to add a final eerie touch to the video and hopefully drive home the concept of being watched/being the watcher.


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