GASH Art, New Music and Other Projects…

Here’s long overdue update to the website about ongoing work and projects that I have been tipping away over lately…

Gash Collective Artwork

So, I’ve been playing around with new imagery for the GASH Collective. In concept, its focus is to draw attention to the absurdity of sexualized female bodies in media. Another element that I have been using in the construction of the GASH collective’s aesthetic is the creation of nostalgic images using famous women of the 90’s and 00’s. As many of these women have faced harsh criticism by tabloids, heavily rooted in societal misogyny, I wanted to attempt to re-write their narratives through VHS-reminiscent imagery and satire.

Many of these images are of women cut into ‘parts’ either by glitch or fading. However, instead of objectifying the body parts, focus is given to the GASH Collective logo, or words, ‘GASH COLLECTIVE’. By doing this, not only is GASH’s artwork re-appropriating a derogatory word, but attempting to change the cultural context that typically surrounds sexist imagery.

Some examples of imagery I’ve been playing around with can be seen in the gallery below:

Music Update

I’ve been quietly working on some new music. The tracks that I’m making available to listen to at the moment are available via my soundcloud. Currently, the tracks that I have been uploading have been playing with layering small amounts of samples and utilizing different percussion styles. These tracks are raw and unfinished as of now, but they are to serve as a sample of (and motivation to finish) a larger audio-visual project that I am working on completing by the end of February. My latest two, SAFARI: TIGHT RUNS and BREAKING NEWS: BURNING RAGS, will be included to some degree in this up-coming project.

You can listen to SAFARI: TIGHT RUNS below:




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