GASH Collective: Providing a Platform for Women in Electronics

A brief description and introduction into GASH.


On International Women’s Day, March 8th, 2016, the GASH Collective was founded by Irish-based musician ELLLL, with the incentive of providing a platform for women involved in left-field electronics in Ireland. Inspired by Female:Pressure’s VISIBILITY project and collectives like SIREN London and DISCWOMAN NYC, GASH was created in order to shine a light on female producers and DJs in Ireland. Having an active interest in electronics myself, I was keen to participate in and support the collective in any way possible.

What projects is the GASH Collective involved in?

Currently the GASH collective has a monthly radio show on the Irish station, Radió na Life, allowing listeners to experience a diverse range of music made available through different GASH member’s mixes. (You can listen to the radio show, here.) Additionally, GASH, has hosted two successful events where female DJs and producers including ELLLL, Cailín Power, Joni, Lolz and others have played sets exploring the sounds of left-field electronics. As the GASH Collective is still in its early days, it is expected that more exciting gigs, mixes and events are due to come.

What is your role in GASH?

My role in GASH couples aesthetics and promotion of the collective in order to reach new audiences and encourage the involvement of other women interested in electronics. In participating in the GASH collective, I create visuals that assist in the artistic expression of what GASH is. These visuals include promotional posters, video and visuals to accompany the live performances of GASH collective DJ’s and producers.


A GIF of some of the visuals that accompanied the GASH Collective Cork event on June 25th.

How do I get involved in the GASH Collective?

To get involved, you can email, contact us via the website here, or contact through the Facebook page here.

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